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Are you one of the 77.5 million dog owners in the United States who’s into commodification of your pet? If you are, then you are in the right place. My Dog Murphy is the best place for all dog lovers and enthusiasts not only in the United State, but around the world. We have the most accurate information on how to feed, kennel and train your dog to become more than just a domesticated pet but a part of your family. With our expert advice, you can turn your ordinary domesticated dog into a great companion for life.

Modern Domesticated Dogs

A dog usually refers to a domesticated dog or pet. Science-wise, it is a carnivore from the Canidae family of the mammalian order Carnivora. It is scientifically known as the Canis Lupus Familiaris and is a subspecies of Gray Wolf. Although it is one of the most popular pets to bond with, it was normally used to guard the house of its sire and/or a dog companion especially by the elite people in the past. It is a good companion when doing an exercise like walking, running, swimming etc. An evidence to this discrimination is the use of a dog house, which shows that dogs are not part of the master’s house.

This drastically changed through the years. The society now is giving dogs more credit and attention than it used to. This is evident in the number of dog welfare and clubs that are tight in fighting not only for the pet’s proper care, but also in holding owners responsible for its care. Someday, it won’t be a surprise if animal attacks would become a heinous crime.

There are two major trends that affect this change in the treatment of domesticated dogs:

  • Commodification or the shaping of these pets’ behaviour and personality according to human preference or expectation. This includes training the dog to jump, plug, dig, urine mark, and to communicate. A well-trained dog is not just a pet that can be used to play with its master or kids, but also to communicate. This is one of the reasons why owning or adopting dogs have shown great help in improving people’s health—especially those who are alone or have no family.
  • Widened perception of the concept of a family—inclusion of the dog or pet in the daily family routine or practices. Pets are trained for the single purpose of rising to the position of a family member. Most trained domestic dogs can do one thing or two for its masters like fetching the newspaper from the lawn or running an errand. This is the reason why people living alone are into taking caring of a pet.

These trends are well accepted by the society. Many clubs and associations are doing their best in promoting pet or dog adoption from the shelters while these shelters are also bent on catching stray dogs to make them useful. There is nothing better to play advocate to this than the President Obama himself, who adopted a stray dog to become part of the first family. Today, like any of about 40% of American households with a pet dog, the Obamas are enjoying the stunts of their domesticated dog.

Dogs’ Commodities

Because of the rampant change of the society’s behaviour to animals, most especially on domesticated dogs, the demands for dog commodities are steady. And with demand, there will be supply that includes not fortified dog foods or basic needs, but also wellness and treats. These particular service homes include:

  • Grooming parlours: These places are especially designed for domesticated dogs and all personnel are trained to provide care and grooming as they would for people. Grooming parlours offer the same services as a human parlour—hair cut, hair dressing, spas, and nail trimming.
  • Dog cafes: Though people have been known tremendously for their treatment of animals, it is still difficult for some to eat with these furry friends in the same table. This is what dog cafes are for. These service houses offer lounges for dogs and delights as well for dining or take out purposes.
  • Parks: Some families do not want their kids with special medical conditions to be around dogs while others just fear their kids’ security, so dog parks materialized. This way, both people and domesticated dogs are safe from each other while showcasing their stunts for the public to see.
  • Hotels: In the past, hotels are no places for animals not even for man’s best friends or dogs. That is so as they need attention and special care. This is why dog hotels are now available. They are the right places for dogs to stay while their masters are in their hotels. These dog hotels offer the special care they need through well-trained attendants.

Useful Tips on How To Train Your Dog with an Electronic Pet Fence

It’s common to worry about keeping your animal family member safe. Your dog could unintentionally escape out the front entrance even if your backyard is completely enclosed. There are efficient ways to train your dog to get used to electric dog fences, which are intended to keep your pet safely inside your property’s bounds.

Before you start, play for a while with your dog in the containment area. Train in increments of ten to fifteen minutes, have fun, and give goodies and positive reinforcement. During training sessions, make sure the collar is taken off, and train your dog while wearing a conventional collar and leash.

Set up Flags

Place flags adjacent to the electric dog fence and spaced around ten feet apart around the perimeter of the property. This is the first thing your dog needs to learn because it serves as his containment area.

Demonstrate Your Dog’s Boundaries with Tone Only The first step in training is to let your dog identify the containment area and get used to the sound of the electric dog collar. Walk your dog up to the flags until the tone is activated, starting with roughly three flags and holding the leash that is attached to the standard collar. After your dog has heard the tone for around two seconds, pull them back and give them a treat and some praise. Continue doing this until your dog runs away from the flags.

Show Your Dog Boundaries with Tone Only

Continue the procedure above until your dog is accustomed to seeing each and every flag in the confined area. Take a break from training to enjoy some fun and games in the confinement area. Instead of making your dog feel afraid, it should become a place they look forward to and feel at home.

Repeat with Several Flags

On the second training day, this starts. Adjust the level of the electric dog collar so that he becomes aware of the static correction. Keep an eye out for clues that your dog may be picking up on it, such as changes in his gaze direction or ear movements. Apply the same procedure with a leash on a regular collar as you would with tone only. Make sure your dog gets play breaks when he’s feeling anxious. On days three and four, repeat.

Add Static Correction

Test for distractions as you continue dog training when your dog is comfortable with the containment area, tone, and static punishments. Outside diversions abound, be it squirrels or other dogs out for their daily walks. Outside of the containment area, toss a ball. Give him praise and a treat if he doesn’t want to pursue it. Test all of the containment area’s borders by using this procedure multiple times over the course of three or four days in brief training sessions.

Take Off Your Leash

When your dog can reliably ignore outside distractions and is aware of his yard’s boundaries, he is prepared for increased independence. While you’re doing something nearby, let him explore the yard off-leash while keeping the electric dog collar on. During this period, avoid testing for distractions. Remove your dog’s static correction collar and guide him back into his safe zone if he leaves the containment area. It’s likely that the training will need to be reinforced.

Start Removing Flags

It takes most canines around two weeks to get used to the system. You can start taking down the training flags after you’re certain that your dog understands the boundaries of his territory. Every three to four days, take out two flags at a time.

5 Back Yard Games to Play with Your Dog

Our furry friends bring joy, love, and endless entertainment. Spending quality time with your dog is important not only for their physical health but also for their mental stimulation. Playing backyard games is a great way to engage with your canine companion.

These games are fun and provide an opportunity for exercise and bonding. Here are five  backyard games to play with your dog

1.  Fetch

A classic game that dogs of all ages and sizes love. It’s simple yet effective in providing both physical and mental stimulation. Grab a tennis ball or a dog toy to play fetch and throw it across the yard. Encourage your dog to retrieve it and bring it back to you. You can make the game more challenging by increasing the distance or using different toys.

2.  Hide and Seek

This game is great for engaging your dog’s natural hunting instincts. Start by having your dog sit and stay while you find a hiding spot in the yard. Once you’re ready, call out your dog’s name or use a command like “come” to signal them to start searching for you. When your dog finds you, reward them with treats or praise. This game provides mental stimulation and strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.

3.  Agility Course

Set up a mini agility course in your backyard using household items such as cones, hula hoops, or jump bars. Guide your dog through the course, teaching them to navigate obstacles such as jumping over hurdles or weaving through cones. This game is physically challenging and helps improve your dog’s coordination and focus.

4.  Tug of War

Dogs love a good tug-of-war session, and it’s a fantastic way to build strength and release energy. Find a sturdy rope or a dog-specific tug toy and engage in a friendly game of tug. Remember to establish rules and boundaries to ensure the game remains safe and enjoyable for both you and your dog.

5.  Sniffing Games

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, and engaging their noses can be both mentally stimulating and tiring for them. Hide treats or toys around your backyard and encourage your dog to sniff them out. You can also use a scent trail or create a scavenger hunt for your dog to follow. This game taps into their natural instincts and provides an exciting challenge.

Remember, safety should always be a priority while playing these backyard games with your dog. Here are some important tips to keep in mind:

·         Ensure your backyard is secure, so your dog can’t escape. If you have an invisible fence dog collar, make sure it’s properly fitted and functioning.

·         Use dog-friendly toys and equipment that are suitable for your dog’s size and breed.

·         Keep the game sessions short and gradually increase the duration as your dog builds stamina.

·         Provide plenty of water breaks to keep your dog hydrated, especially during hot weather.

·         Always supervise your dog during playtime to prevent accidents or injuries.

By incorporating these 5 backyard games into your routine, you can provide your dog with both physical exercise and mental stimulation. Spending quality time together through play strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend and contributes to their overall well-being. So, grab some toys, head out to the backyard, and let the games begin!

Essential Tips That You Must Follow While Going for Hiking With Your Dog

What do you do to take your dog with you hiking? Well, it is needless to mention that your furry friend needs a leash and a collar. But this is not enough. There are several other factors that you should take into consideration for making safe hiring with your dog. Before you make a hiking plan with your pet to a different country or state, make sure you check out its laws before heading towards the destination. In some countries, dogs must be given an updated rabies vaccine. 

The collar tag of your dog must contain important information such as the owner’s name, contact information, residential address, etc. all this important information should be clearly mentioned in the tag.

If you want, you can take a more proactive approach by installing a microchip in your pet’s body to ensure their safe return if they get lost or stolen. It is a kind of procedure that a veterinarian should perform. The microchip can easily be scanned. 

For a hiking trip, make sure you carry a number of poop bags with you to control your dog’s excrement. Moreover, you never when your fellow hikers may require such poop bags, and therefore, carrying extra bags will prove helpful for you. 

Here, in this content, you will learn about a few tips that you should consider while making a hiking trip with your dog. Now, let’s have a look at those tips below –

Ø  What to Do If Your Dog Starts Pulling You While Hiking

If your dog wears a collar chain, it is suggested to replace the collar chain with a chest led harness that will prevent putting strain on their neck, and you can easily handle them. If you face this situation frequently, you have to give some sort of training to your dog, such as stopping whenever your dogs pull you and standing still for a few minutes.

By doing this, your dog will love hiking with you. for training, it is better to hire a professional service provider who holds both training and experience in this field. Professional trainers work on dogs’ behavior and make them comfortable with this type of experience. 

Ø  How to Handle Too Hot or Too Cold Temperature? 

When you find that the temperature is rising, you should know a particular time when you can take your pup outside. However, the climate of every place is different. In some places, the temperature is hot during the afternoon time while in some other places, the temperature is not that hot.

You should monitor your dog’s behavior the right way and should be monitored properly, considering their tolerance level. Make sure you should push your furry friend beyond their tolerance limit. Walking with your pet is too hot; weather may cause injuries to your pet as too hot weather can burn their paws, and therefore, they may need medical attention to recover from this. 

Ø  Go for trial awareness

Before you start your adventure journey with your furry friend, it is important that your dog must be well-versed with the trail on which you will travel. To create trial awareness, it is better to take the help of expert professionals who hold many years of knowledge and experience in this field. 

Make sure you do an ample amount of research before starting your journey. The more you research, the better prepared you can take to start your journey. The internet offers the best platform to do your research in this field. You can gather almost all types of information here. 

Ø  Avail Electric Dog Fence

The use of electric dog fence has immensely increased over time. There are various types of fences available in the market. One of the most useful fences is a portable electric fence for traveling purposes. Since they are portable, you can carry them with you where you go and install them in a few seconds. Installing this fence will ensure that your dog will not get lost or stolen. It will be within the boundary line and give you peace of mind. 

Ø  Some Additional Precautions to Take 

It is not known to every dog owner that dogs are very much curious by nature. Sometimes, this curiosity may even lead to discovering things that are not supposed to. If you have an adventurous puppy, give them veterinary tick and flea preventives during the warmer months. Moreover, regular health examinations must be done to keep your dog healthy and ensure your dog has not been affected by intestinal parasites.

You should make sure that your dog is up to date with everything they need, and to make your hiking trip safe, avail those necessary things that are required for the trip, such as your backpack must include plenty of water for your furry friend and easy to digest protein meals for dogs. These two things must be included in your bag. 

Therefore, these are some of the important tips that you should consider while taking your dog on a hiking trip. You can consider hiring a trainer for giving training to your dog. 

Rewarding Help of Discount Codes

Are you one of a dog lover? Have you already tried providing your dog with a safe dog fence? There are dog owners who let their dogs stay in the different parts of their house and there are also other dog owners who choose to provide an electric fences for dogs petsmart for their pets. A dog fence is very important in order to make sure that your dog will not go beyond the parameter of the dog fence. A dog fence is easy to install but it is difficult to avail most especially if it is very expensive. High quality dog fence systems provide 100% protection but it is also expensive. Don’t worry, though, because at Flexpetz, you can avail for discount codes.

Availing for discount coupons is very helpful because you will be given the chance to purchase the dog fence system at a lower price. Through the help of coupon codes, you will no longer sacrifice the protection of your dog because you will now be able to provide your pet with a safe place to stay. The coupon codes offered by Flexpetz will definitely be rewarding for dog owners because although the company offers expensive dog fences, they are still thinking of your ability to buy. The company still makes sure that you will avail of their dog fence despite its high priced tag.

Flextpetz is very reachable and the discount coupons they provide are very achievable. Although you did not visit their company personally, you can just visit their website and you will learn and be informed on how to avail for the discount coupon. The products and the materials to be used for installing dog fence can be deducted from 5 to 10 percent. The company is providing their customers with high quality materials. Some of the products where discounts are given are collars, remote trainers, batteries, wires, transmitters, batteries and others. You just have to take not that not all of the products they sell are included on the discount coupons.

Flextpetz will surely be very helpful most especially in providing high quality electronic pet door for your pet. This is the company where you can avail expensive dog fence materials at lower rates due to the discount coupons and coupon codes they offer. The safety of your pet will no longer be great problem for you because of the help of coupon codes offered by Flexpetz. This is the most reliable company that you can always trust when it comes to dog fence products and materials.

Things You Should Not Disregard When Buying Dog Fences

Dog fence

Every time people come up into decision making, it is a must to consider the things that you have to avoid in order to limit your mistakes. Like with buying the best invisible dog fence it is important to get closer with the pointers that you have to remember when buying your dog fences.

People buy fences for keeping their dogs out from any kind of danger. Hence, there are people who are just looking the physical appearance of the fence. But, then it is merely beneficial if you have basic knowledge on what you should not set aside when you are interested to purchase any of the fences.

  1. You should not set aside the danger from the stranger-if you want to buy your own fences it is more beneficial if you consider the importance of using this from the danger that other people might bring to your dog. If you think your dog will not be able to jump over easily and it is safer for them, well you might get wrong because there are outsiders who can steel your dog if you have a electric dog fence that a person outside can easily get through from it.
  2. You should not ignore the safety of your neighbors – there are people, mostly are youngster that out of their curiosity they want to be get closer with the dogs that they see anywhere. The better action for this is to put fence that can limit them of being too near to your dog.
  3. You should not neglect the presence of other dogs-this only means that if you include a dog with another king of dog there is a big chance of the occurrence of troubles between the dogs which can also cause of harm to you as owner. Go only to the fence that is not easily be invaded by other dogs.
  4. You should not disregard the different classes of fences-there are lots of fences with different designs offered anywhere, the kind of the wireless electric dog fence should rely on the dog’s breed and behavior. If you think that your chosen fence cannot accommodate your dog to be in, then better not to buy and choose another that you can be sure of.
  5. You should not overlook your budget-one thing to consider is your budget to buy your dog’s fence. It is definitely favorable if you get the best fences, however, you have to think first of your available money. Make sure to buy fences which are enough only to your cash on hand yet, can offer you benefits to use.

There is nothing wrong of purchasing the dog fence wire that you want to, provided that you consider those factors that might affect your dog and your effort and money as well.

My dog Murphy Reviews Portable Dog Fence Systems.

Pet fences are available with a variety of shapes and sizes and these fences have come a long way since the early days. With the advancement in technology, some companies and people with brilliant minds invented something that is easier to use and that is a portable pet fence. This type of fence is also called as a do-it-yourself fence because of its easy-to-assembly characteristics. This fence is mostly made from light weight materials such as fiber glass plastics and even metals, and it can be carried and assembled anytime and anywhere.

Wireless dog fence

There are types of this product which are suitable to be used for different breeds of dogs. For active dogs, the perfect fence is the portable dog run and dog fence. This type of fence has two components: one of these is the frame while the other is a fence. The frame is made from lightweight durable metal; it has four legs just like a tent but it doesn’t have a roof. The frame is 2m high and 3m wide when it’s fully opened. When it comes to the other component, the fence is made up of fiber glass and plastic and it measures 1m tall and 12m long. It is intended to completely cover the sides of the frame so that making the dog to come inside the portable running fence will be easier to do. It is also durable enough as it can withstand the bites of a dog. You can also have a fence professionally installed by the big box company If you want good quality Invisible fence wire this company will come to your house and set it up and actually train your dog on the system.

Watch this Invisible dog fence video for more information

The next type of wireless pet fence you can find it at Extremedogfence. This portable fence is perfect for families that love camping and going out together with their dogs. This pet fence has also two components and one of which is the fence. It is made from plastic or wood at times. It is 1m tall and 1m wide and it can be assembled easily by just connecting it in a way that you make a square fence. The roof of it is made from linoleum and it has connecting bars for easy installing on camping truck. It is used to keep dogs from running around and getting lost. In fact, it also acts as the best way to keep an eye on your dogs.

Another type of portable pet fence is the plastic kennels. This portable type of fence is best to use when traveling with your dogs or pets. This is made of high quality plastic or fiber glass frame and it has steel window bars and doors reinforcing the whole frame. This portable pet carrier is suitable for long distance traveling especially on trains, bus, cars and even airplane. It also has different sizes and color that can suits your dogs and pets. The durability of this portable pet carrier is always guaranteed and its main purpose is to protect the dog inside of it and to limit the movements of the pet while in travel. A invisible fence for small dogs wire system can be used for in home installation or travel.

Adjustable wood pet fence is also a good type of handy pet fence. This particular type is made of wood and it can be folded and opened to any sizes. This product is perfect to be placed near the doors and corridors inside a house. It prevents the dog from going to a specific area inside your house like your baby’s room. The fur of your dog can easily get in the baby’s bed or clothes and the child may even ingest it. Pet fur can also get in contact with your food and drink so having this portable pet fence would be a great help to prevent these things. This way, it will be easier to keep both your loved ones and your pet from danger. Visit eXtreme Dog Fence for more information on portable dog fence systems.

For dogs that should be maintained outside the house, an indoor outdoor fences portable kennel is the best choice to consider. This tool consists of 8 plastic panels that forms an octagon that surrounds your pet. It measures 36” tall and 40” in diameter and made of plastic so it is lightweight. It can be opened anywhere outside the house while it gives the guarantee that your dog will always be safe and compatible all day and night.

Cool video goes into dog fence wiring in greater depth

Having these kinds of portable pet fences in your house serves great help for the pet owners. It is easy to carry and bring anywhere you want it to be placed and it is simple to install. Also, traveling with your pets will be more convenient and safe with this kind of tool. With the help of technology, people and companies they develop these whole new portable pet fence sets that will surely make every travel more convenient for both the pet owners and their animals. These products have changed the usual way on how people make sure that their pets are secured and safe whether at home or during a vacation trip. A portable pet fence guarantees the pet owner’s satisfaction at 100%.

Also keep in mind that the actual Invisible fence is a brand name, although many companies have gone about duplicating there invisible fence compatible collars recently mutt fence seems to have taken the lead in this regard. The real invisible fence brand can be found on the link.

Watch this great video that explains the variance and differences from the brand name collar to the actual real Brand name.