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Are you one of the 77.5 million dog owners in the United States who’s into commodification of your pet? If you are, then you are in the right place. My Dog Murphy is the best place for all dog lovers and enthusiasts not only in the United State, but around the world. We have the most accurate information on how to feed, kennel and train your dog to become more than just a domesticated pet but a part of your family. With our expert advice, you can turn your ordinary domesticated dog into a great companion for life.

Modern Domesticated Dogs

A dog usually refers to a domesticated dog or pet. Science-wise, it is a carnivore from the Canidae family of the mammalian order Carnivora. It is scientifically known as the Canis Lupus Familiaris and is a subspecies of Gray Wolf. Although it is one of the most popular pets to bond with, it was normally used to guard the house of its sire and/or a dog companion especially by the elite people in the past. It is a good companion when doing an exercise like walking, running, swimming etc. An evidence to this discrimination is the use of a dog house, which shows that dogs are not part of the master’s house.

This drastically changed through the years. The society now is giving dogs more credit and attention than it used to. This is evident in the number of dog welfare and clubs that are tight in fighting not only for the pet’s proper care, but also in holding owners responsible for its care. Someday, it won’t be a surprise if animal attacks would become a heinous crime.

There are two major trends that affect this change in the treatment of domesticated dogs:

  • Commodification or the shaping of these pets’ behaviour and personality according to human preference or expectation. This includes training the dog to jump, plug, dig, urine mark, and to communicate. A well-trained dog is not just a pet that can be used to play with its master or kids, but also to communicate. This is one of the reasons why owning or adopting dogs have shown great help in improving people’s health—especially those who are alone or have no family.
  • Widened perception of the concept of a family—inclusion of the dog or pet in the daily family routine or practices. Pets are trained for the single purpose of rising to the position of a family member. Most trained domestic dogs can do one thing or two for its masters like fetching the newspaper from the lawn or running an errand. This is the reason why people living alone are into taking caring of a pet.

These trends are well accepted by the society. Many clubs and associations are doing their best in promoting pet or dog adoption from the shelters while these shelters are also bent on catching stray dogs to make them useful. There is nothing better to play advocate to this than the President Obama himself, who adopted a stray dog to become part of the first family. Today, like any of about 40% of American households with a pet dog, the Obamas are enjoying the stunts of their domesticated dog.

Dogs’ Commodities

Because of the rampant change of the society’s behaviour to animals, most especially on domesticated dogs, the demands for dog commodities are steady. And with demand, there will be supply that includes not fortified dog foods or basic needs, but also wellness and treats. These particular service homes include:

  • Grooming parlours: These places are especially designed for domesticated dogs and all personnel are trained to provide care and grooming as they would for people. Grooming parlours offer the same services as a human parlour—hair cut, hair dressing, spas, and nail trimming.
  • Dog cafes: Though people have been known tremendously for their treatment of animals, it is still difficult for some to eat with these furry friends in the same table. This is what dog cafes are for. These service houses offer lounges for dogs and delights as well for dining or take out purposes.
  • Parks: Some families do not want their kids with special medical conditions to be around dogs while others just fear their kids’ security, so dog parks materialized. This way, both people and domesticated dogs are safe from each other while showcasing their stunts for the public to see.
  • Hotels: In the past, hotels are no places for animals not even for man’s best friends or dogs. That is so as they need attention and special care. This is why dog hotels are now available. They are the right places for dogs to stay while their masters are in their hotels. These dog hotels offer the special care they need through well-trained attendants.